Headlines: 23 January 2022


  • Ventura confirms opposition to IL’s “savage privatisation” of TAP
    The chairman of Chega, André Ventura, reaffirmed he is against the “savage privatisation” of TAP “in the Liberal Initiative style”, but argued that the airline should serve the whole of Portugal.
  • IL leader Cotrim Figueiredo says his party’s convictions “are not and never will be for sale”
    He added that on January 30 there is a clear choice between stagnation and arrogance or growth and change.
  • Four children in serious condition after collision in Palmela
    A three-vehicle collision near Palmela left six injured today, with four children seriously injured.
  • Portugal cannot have ministers who assume mistakes a year later – IL
    Liberal Initiative (IL) president said Portugal cannot afford ministers who only take responsibility for “crass errors”, such as road accidents or deaths, a year later (a reference to former Interior Minister Eduardo Cabrita).


  • 315,000 voters expected to vote early today
    Polls open at 8am for early voting in the parliamentary elections.
  • Immigrants in Portugal barred from voting on 30th
    Emigrants who have come to Portugal on holiday are barred from voting in the legislative elections.
  • 58,131 more cases and 43 deaths in Portugal in 24 hours
    Hospital and ICU admissions have fallen.
  • Hospital A&E under increasing pressure
    At São José Hospital in Lisbon, around half the patients who arrive are not urgent.


  • Successors enter campaign to claim victory for leaders
    PSD and PS almost crossed paths in Espinho. André Ventura heard protests in Braga. Inês Sousa Real went to the market in the land of Jerónimo. And the left continues to talk to the PS with no response to the opening for dialogue.
  • Rio has Montenegro and even the polls are in its favour. Now the race is close
    On the street, there are those who say they are going to vote for the PSD for the first time because of Rui Rio.
  • Pedro Nuno: “If Rio thinks I’m a bogeyman, the solution is to vote for Costa.”
    António Costa was joined by Pedro Nuno Santos, the man the PSD has turned into a bogeyman.
  • Precariousness is the reason for the low birth rate
    The problem is about having the right conditions to have the children you want.


  • Four-day week: will we have (more) life beyond work?
    António Costa touched on the subject. Portuguese workers continue to be among those who work the most and produce the least, so are we ready for change?
  • Rio and Costa compete in Espinho with a single motto: unity is strength
    In a district where the contest is close, the two biggest parties campaigned without crossing paths.
  • Doctors ask for campaign to promote vaccination of children
    High infection rates among the youngest help justify the second postponement of vaccinations.
  • CDS leader criticises polls
    Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos says it will be easy to regain deputy in Viana.

CNN Portugal

  • PSD overtakes PS. Chega, BE and IL very close
    Rui Rio’s party took the lead in the daily tracking poll with 34.5%, while th PS drop to 33.5%.
  • Rio wants unite his party and lead it to victory
    With a week until the election, Rui Rio is quietly confident of victory.
  • The prophet Emanuel who managed to get Rio to tap his foot
    The certainty of the PSD’s victory next week was on the streets, in the polling and on the stage in Aveiro.
  • Fernanda is Costa’s oracle in Viseu: in 2015 she guessed defeat, now she doesn’t give an absolute majority
    In 2015, Fernanda Correia told António Costa he was going to lose the elections, now she says he won’t win an absolute majority.

Diário de Notícias

  • Costa appeals to the undecided, PSD shows unity
    “Bogeyman” Pedro Nuno Santos joins PS campaign while Luís Filipe Menezes and Luís Montenegro join Rui Rio.
  • Rio accuses Costa of “lying” about PSD’s justice plans
    PSD wants to move ahead with reform and recomposition of the judiciary.
  • Cotrim Figueiredo claims IL’s convictions “are not and never will be for sale”
    Liberal Initiative leader was speaking at a rally at the Santa Clara Market in Lisbon.
  • Fátima Romero tells Ventury to “stop being racist” about Romani
    The Chega leader said that what his party wants is “for Gypsies to work like everyone else”.

Jornal de Notícias

  • Porto’s PSD mayor criticises Rui Rio
    A day after being acquitted of malfeasance, Rui Moreira said he does “not recognise in Rio any ethical authority”.
  • Three children seriously injured in an accident in Palmela
    Three children were seriously injured in a three-car collision near Palmela.
  • Roma woman Fátima tells Ventura to “stop being racist”
    Chega leader Ventura was told to “stop being racist” during a walkabout in Braga.
  • Forest fire in Serra da Cabreira
    A forest fire has broken out in the Serra da Cabreira, Vieira do Minho.


  • Ventura confronted during Braga walkabout and told to “stop being racist”
    Roma woman Fátima Romero broke through the Chega leader’s security to confront him about his comments about Gypsies.
  • Confederation of Portuguese Farmers (CAP) applauds Costa for wearing a samarra
    The prime minister appeared with a typical Alentejan samarra (fox fur) while campaigning in Beja.
  • Campaign brings PSD closer to PS
    Recent polls show the gap between PS and PSD is narrowing.
  • Law does not allow open-air voting, says National Election Commission
    Outdoor voting for those who are self-isolating is not legally permissible.


  • Costa compares Rio to Passos Coelho
    Costa says that “the only reform social security needs are economic policies that promote growth”.
  • Rui Rio says he is not afraid to reform the justice system
    The PSD leader challenges those who agree to vote PS.
  • 58,131 new infections and 43 deaths. Hospital admissions decrease
    There are 17 fewer inpatients on the ward and eight fewer in intensive care.
  • Rui Tavares warns of rising levels of “Romaniphobia”
    Livre leader attacked Chega and its leader André Ventura while campaigning in Almada.

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