Headlines: 22 January 2022


  • Sócrates criticises PS for undervaluing absolute majority
    Former prime minister José Sócrates took a swipe at António Costa, telling the current prime minister that, “those who want an absolute majority should perhaps start by not undervaluing the only one the Socialist Party has had”, in a reference to his victory in the 2005 election.
  • Ventura says right-wing majority looking plausible
    The president of Chega, André Ventura, said the idea of a right-wing majority seems to be on the cards, but refuses to moderate his criticism of Rui Rio.
  • Costa accuses Rio of running scared of outlining his manifesto
    The Secretary-General of the PS accused Rui Rio of “running away like the devil from the cross” from revealing his programme, adding that during a campaign politicians should say what they intend to do.
  • Visits to Leiria Hospital Centre suspended from 24-30 January
    The Leiria Hospital Centre (CHL), which includes hospitals at Alcobaça, Leiria and Pombal, will suspend visits for a week from next Monday following the increase in Covid-19 infections.


  • Early voting registrations “well below expectations”
    315,785 voters registered to vote tomorrow. The Government concedes this falls far short of its expectations.
  • António Costa distances himself from Rosa Mota’s description of Rio as a “little Nazi”
    António Costa dismissed former Olympic athlete Rosa Mota’s description of Rui Rio as a “little Nazi”, adding people are responsible for their own words.
  • New daily high with 58,530 cases of Covid-19
    For the third day in a row, Portugal recorded a new daily high with 58,530 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 49 more deaths caused by the virus.
  • CDS play down the opinion polls
    Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos says José Sócrates is the best argument for the Portuguese not to want a left-wing majority as he again dismissed opinion polls.


  • Police seize painting sold by Rendeiro before fleeing to South Africa
    The Judicial Pollice (PJ) said the painting in question was in Brussels and that is has been collected.
  • Grândola approved seven thousand more tourist beds
    This is 50% more than set out in the Municipal Master Plan
  • Campaign Diary 21 January
    Rosa Mota created controversy by calling Rui Rio a ‘little Nazi’.
  • PS warns supporters against apathy, telling them to “Vote! Vote! Vote!”
    Ministers Anas, Abrunhosa and Mendes Godinho continue to focus the PS campaign on PSD, telling the party’s supporters not to be lulled into a false sense of security by the opinion polls.


  • Sócrates joins the campaign and Rio is not shaken by Rosa Mota
  • One day, two manifestos: the PS plans
    The PS released one manifesto for the Interior and another offering support to figures in the fields of culture, sports, education and tourism.
  • “Little Nazi?” Rio says socialists are getting “nervous”
    The PSD leader says he doesn’t believe the polls, but says Rosa Mota’s comment wil help the PSD.
  • PJ recovers painting João Rendeiro had sold for more than €126,000
    Piaski by the artist Frank Stella was seized in 2010 following a process that resulted in the former banker being sentenced to 10 years in prison. The work was recently discovered in an art gallery in Brussels.

Diário de Notícias

  • Sócrates enters campaign and criticises Operation Marquis judge
    The former prime minister claims judge Carlos Alexandre “wanted to stay with the Operation Marquis case out of vanity, the intention to write a biography and because of his sympathies”.
  • PS campaign is not taking off and the lead is narrowing
    There are dark clouds over the socialist campaign, with António Costa forced to disavow a supporter’s insults aimed at Rui Rio as two recent polls show the PS losing ground and the PSD gaining.
  • PJ seizes painting sold by João Rendeiro in Brussels
    The work was on display in an art gallery in the Belgian capital.
  • Novo Banco’s “independent analysis” of relationship between António Ramalho and Luís Filipe Vieira
    At issue are the “contents disclosed in the press in the last three weeks regarding Operation Red Card”.


  • Drop-in booster clinics for the over-50s
    Drop-in clinics will also be open to those over the age of 30 who received the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine at least 90 days ago.
  • PJ recovers painting sold by João Rendeiro
    This painting is part of the investigation into the misappropriation of seized works of art that belonged to the former banker João Rendeiro. 
  • Costa reacts to Rosa Mota’s controversial “little Nazi” attack on Rui Rio
    Rosa Mota made the statement at a meeting in Monsanto, Lisbon, attended by António Costa and 15 high-profile PS supporters from the world of sport and entertainment. 
  • Inês Sousa Real says government is spending poorly
    PAN’s leader says that “if there is public debt, it is because there has been bad management”, adding that “the PS and the PSD have governed in the same way and serve the same interests”.


  • “It is important to stop fining airlines”
    easyJet director-general José Lopes talks of support for aviation, the desire to invest more in Lisbon, criticises delays to work in progress, defends the urgency of choosing the location of the new airport and demands an end to fines for airline operators for transporting passengers with Covid-19.
  • Covid deaths up 47% in one week
    Covid-19 red lines report warns of the impact on society in terms of school and work absenteeism.
  • Zero calls for water management plan
    Francisco Ferreira, head of the environmental group, Zero, says droughts in Portugal will be “more frequent, more violent and more prolonged”.
  • Hélder Martins elected president of AHETA
    The Algarve Association of Hotels and Tourism Developments (AHETA) has a new president after 26 years, with Helder Martins defeating incumbent Elidérico Viegas

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