7 February 2022

The successful programme to vaccinate children over the weekend is featured in almost all outlets. There are reports that parliament is almost certain to pass a law decriminalising assisted suicide after President Rebelo de Sousa vetoed it for the second time in November. The continued strife within PAN is mentioned in a number of outlets. Portugal winning the European Futsal Championships is the lead story across almost all media.

Lusa and TSF report that approximately 74,000 children aged 5 to 11, “In addition to the children who were scheduled for this weekend, children aged 5 to 11 years were given the opportunity to be vaccinated without an appointment at vaccination centres throughout the country”, were vaccinated against Covid-19 over the weekend according to the Directorate General of Health (DGS) and the Ministry of Health’s Shared Services. RTP adds that many children remain unvaccinated because they had contracted the disease or were in isolation. 

DN notes that the new parliamentary arithmetic means there remains a clear majority in favour of decriminalising medically-assisted death and for legislation legalising euthanasia and assisted suicide that President Rebelo de Sousa vetoed for the second time in November and which will almost certainly be passed again by parliament before long.

Expresso and Publico pick up a Lusa report that People-Animals-Nature party (PAN) leader Inês de Sousa Real has said she will listen to the grassroots regarding future strategy, while not ruling out the possibility of holding of a congress to allow affiliates to express themselves “both in relation to the electoral results, and in relation to the strategy” of the party.

In analyses of the PSD’s election defeat, Expresso carries an interview with the former strongman of Madeiran politics, Alberto João Jardim, who is quoted as saying many of the problems within the PSD are down to “the same freemasonry figures wanting to take over the party”. Público speaks to a number of politicians and political commentators, with Olegário Gonçalves, president of the PSD in the former party heartland of Viana do Castelo claiming the loss was down to “the massive shift of votes from the Left Bloc and the CDU to the PS and a flight of votes from the PSD to Chega and the Liberal Initiative”.

Lusa notes that the environmental group, Zero, has joined with other European NGOs, to file a complaint against the European Commission in an attempt to block what they call “unsustainable funding” in bioenergy and forestry that will “pollute the climate”.

Publico reports that a member of the expert group appointed to advise European Commission says that, as it stands, the “so-called” green taxonomy document violates the spirit and letter of the Paris Agreement because it encourages more investment in fossil energy and diverts it away from alternative energy projects that contribute to the energy transition.

CNN PT, Expresso and Lusa mention an Associated Press report that states North Korea is using stolen cryptocurrency to continue developing its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes, including the capability to produce nuclear fissile materials, in violation of UN Security Council resolutions. It quotes a panel of experts have observed “a marked acceleration” of tests and demonstrations of new short- and possibly medium-range missiles in January, which “incorporated both ballistic missiles and guidance technologies and using solid and liquid propellants”.

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