26 January 2022

Latest polling shows the PS stretch its lead over its main rival. PS leaders have been on the campaign trail attacking the parties of the right and restating their willingness to talk to other parties after the election. PSD leader Rui Rio continues to claim PM Costa is lying about the PSD manifesto and that the PS is on the verge of losing the election. Changes to Covid regulations are mentioned in some outlets.

CNN Portugal suggests PM Costa’s new campaign strategy has resulted in a boost in the polls with the PS up 1.4% to 37%, stretching their lead over the PSD which remains on 31.4%.

Lusa and Expresso focus on the speech by Pedro Nuno Santos, who is on the left of the PS and one of Costa’s rivals for the leadership, in which he attacked the parties of the right for their concepts of freedom and meritocracy, echoing the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in contrasting the right’s values with those “of effective freedom and respect for the working class”. RTP and CNN Portugal quote PM Costa saying he is proud to be Chega’s main enemy and that, unlike his opponent, PSD leader Rui Rio, he will never be dependent on the support of the extreme right. DN reports that the PS leader is open to “talk to everyone”, but that he will not compromise on the PS manifesto.

RTP writes that Rio believes Costa is on the verge of losing and that he should do so with some dignity and without “distorting and practically lying about” the PSD manifesto. DN notes that Rio is accusing Costa of lacking conviction and that the PS is just “hitching a ride on any circumstance or any ideological taboo or any claim by the Left Bloc, PCP or PAN”.

Público focuses on changes to Covid restrictions, with news that care home staff who have received the booster or who have been infected in the past six months will no longer need to self-isolate if they come into contact with someone with the virus.

In economic news, Dinheiro Vivo carries a report by the Technical Budget Support Unit that claims measures introduced as a response to the pandemic had increased Portugal’s deficit by 2.6% of GDP. 

Negócios notes that troubled flag carrier, TAP, carried 5.2 million passengers during the first 11 months of 2021, down 67% on the same period in 2019.

Expresso focuses on a study by Airfinity, a consultancy that specialises in health sector data analysis, that claims the six largest laboratories currently producing Covid-19 vaccines are expected to see a 23% increase in revenues to €57.9 billion from these products in 2022. 

Público reports that the majority public-owned energy, engineering and mobility company, Efacec, has signed contracts worth €30 million with Rede Eléctrica de España, with the company now prepared to make a decision on reprivatisation.

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