25 January 2022

The election campaign continues to dominate, and with the election being so close, most outlets focus on the two main parties. PM Costa is reported to have changed his presentation, by appearing more approachable while abandoning any talk of an absolute majority and expressing a willingness to reach out to other parties. PSD leader Rui Rio says he will not negotiate with Chega, and that his preferred partners would be the CDS and IL

Campaigning in Vila Real, RTP says António Costa has accused Rio of wanting to bring the Azores alliance model of right-wing coalition government to the mainland, continuing that the PSD intend to remove the constitutional guarantee protecting the Health Service. Expresso and Público note that recent polls have caused Costa to change his campaign style and message by recognising there is no “great love for the idea of the absolute majority”. DN claims a new António Costa has emerged, one who is willing to “talk to everyone” and who is now asking for a “big victory” and who is willing to enter into negotiations with everyone except Chega. Costa’s change of tack comes as the latest CNN Portugal tracking poll shows the PSD down 2.1% to 31.4%, and the PS up 1.2%  to 35.3%

DN and Expresso report that during a campaign event in Évora, PSD leader Rui Rio denied he is a “hostage” to the far right and accused PM António Costa of “misrepresenting” him. Rio added that the people who vote Chega cannot be discounted and that he cannot ask the President to “expel its deputies from parliament”. RTP adds that Rio does not intend to invite Chega to join the government and that it is for them to decide whether or not to support him in government, adding that his preferred partners would be the Popular Party (CDS) and Liberal Initiative (IL). Lusa notes that Rio criticised the lack of attention to agriculture and wants to encourage more young people to enter the sector.

Negocios notes that the parties contesting the election want to make changes to the investments outlined in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, arguing that it would be undesirable to make such changes in a short implementation timeframe for political or ideological reasons.

Lusa reports on the record growth of vinho verde exports, which were up by more than three million litres in 2021m according to Manuel Pinheiro, president of the Vinho Verde Viticulture Region Commission. Publico reports that between January and November 2021 Portuguese exported a record 182,200 tonnes of olive oil worth €562.5 million.

Expresso says BCP bank stock fell more than 6.5% on a day in which the benchmark PSI-20 index and main European markets opened in the “red” and continued to fall throughout the day, with the PSI-20 losing 2.75%.

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