24 January 2022

The media focus is on PS reaction following a weekend in which the PSD briefly took a narrow lead in the opinion polls and a former Olympic athlete called Rui Rio a “little Nazi”. Most outlets carry the PS’s rejection of Catarina Martins’ call for a meeting next Monday. Rui Rio told a rally of PSD supporters in the north of the country that victory is within reach, while the leader of Chega has said his party will not join a PSD government.

After the PSD took a 1% lead in CNN Portugal’s tracking poll at the weekend, the latest poll has the PSD down on 33.5% and the PS on 34.1%. The poll makes difficult reading for the Popular Party, which is trailing on 0.8%.

Expresso reports that Catarina Martins, leader of the Left Bloc (BE), has reached out to PM Costa for a meeting the day after the election. Responding to the offer, in which Martins is reported to have said “it’s time to move on”, Expresso notes PM Costa is not yet prepared to forgive the parties on the left. RTP adds that PM Costa has demanded BE apologise to the country for breaking the unity on the left, while Lusa quotes the PS deputy general-secretary, José Luís Carneiro, accusing PS’s opponents of “opportunism” in rejecting the state budget. Staying with the PS campaign, Público notes PM Costa is no longer talking of an absolute majority but is instead warning PS supporters not to assume victory. DN notes the PS leader has gone on the attack on his record, claiming the PS wins “in all points of comparison” with the PSD.

Buoyed by recent polls, Público reports on a PSD “victory” rally in Alto Minho, where Rui Rio took the stage with Paulo Rangel, a formal rival for the party leadership, with both attacking PM Costa’s campaign and record in office following the remarks reported by RTP on Saturday, in which former Olympic athlete and PS supporter, Rosa Mota, is said to have called Rio a “little Nazi”.

Lusa and DN report Chega president, André Ventura, confirming that in the event of the parties of the right winning the election, “there will never be a parliamentary agreement” between his party, which is currently third in the polls, and the PSD, although he added that he will not “make such a government impossible”.

Negócios reports on a proposed investment by Brazilian-owned Gaia Innovation City to create a “tech hub” in Porto that will encourage innovation and up to 15,000 jobs by bringing the academic and professional worlds together.

Dinheiro Vivo carries a warning from the president of the Association of Civil Construction and Public Works Industries (AICCOPN) of a shortage of almost 80,000 construction workers and the rise in the price of raw materials and his call for the government that emerges from the elections to resolve these problems.

Lusa reports that a €50 million venture capital fund, Indico Blue, has raised €36 million to invest in Portugal’s marine economy, and may allocate between €100,000 and €5 million to national startups.

Público warns that while the lack of official data makes it difficult to draw conclusions about the current housing market, associations working in the sector are under no illusions that the health emergency has disguised the depth of the crisis and that with the possible ending of the pandemic, the “housing crisis is only going to get worse”.

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