2 March 2022

Portuguese companies can advertise jobs to Ukrainian refugees who will be granted immediate refuge and automatically enrolled in the Health, Social Security and Tax system. The Left Bloc (BE) abstained and the Communist Party (PCP) voted against an EU Parliament motion to provide financial support to Ukraine. President Rebelo de Sousa will award the country’s highest national honour to the National Health Service.

Expresso, Público and CNN PT report Portuguese companies are now permitted to register job offers for Ukrainians on the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training website launched on Monday. Social Security Minister Ana Mendes Godinho (pictured) announced that Ukrainians who arrive in Portugal will be supported and their integration streamlined with the immediate allocation of National Health Service, Social Security and Tax numbers. Presidency Minister Mariana Vieira da Silva says the measures approved in Cabinet are to meet the “basic needs to ensure the legalisation of the individual’s situation” and to guarantee their access to employment. Dinheiro Vivo cites IM Francisca Van Dunem stating Ukrainian refugees will not need to prove they are in danger, and that this authorisation also applies to “nationals of other countries who are family members of Ukrainian citizens” and to undocumented persons.

Dinheiro Vivo and DN cite IM Van Dunem saying 141 Ukrainians have applied for protection in Portugal, with Presidency Minister Silva adding that the country can currently accommodate 1,245 refugees.

CNN PT notes that members of the Association of Russian Citizens in Madeira are being subjected to threats and bullying, adding that the Russian embassy in Lisbon has instructed its citizens to report any incidents to the authorities.

Lusa reports that André Ventura, leader of the populist Chega party is to travel to Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom to campaign in the re-run of the European Circuit elections.

Expresso reports that while the war in Ukraine has led several multinational gas companies to announce a severing of relations with Russia, Portugal’s exposure to Russian gas imports is relatively small, with most of the country’s gas arriving by sea from Nigeria with supplies secured through long-term contracts signed between the government in Lagos and Galp.

Negócios reports that the gas terminal at Sines is planning to build a new terminal to increase its natural gas storage capacity from which it can supply Europe just as soon as the constraints in the interconnection between Spain and France are overcome. Luís Cacho, President of the Sines and Algarve Ports Administration, expects Sines to become Europe’s gateway for North American and African gas, helping reduce the EU’s current dependence on Russia.

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