Headlines: 16 January 2022


  • Rio welcomes PAN’s openness to PSD while the leaders debate what separates them
    Rui Rio welcomed the PAN’s willingness to negotiate with the PSD, while the candidates set out their red lines, such as fortnightly parliamentary debates, tax and the protection of animals.
  • Two more Covid deaths and 2,034 new infections on Madeira
    Madeira has recorded two more deaths associated with Covid-19, having identified 2,034 new cases and 13,193 active situations in the last 24 hours.
  • Covax has already distributed one billion doses of the Covid vaccine
    The international vaccine sharing mechanism for Covid-19, Covax, has distributed one billion doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to 144 countries.
  • Independent commission confirms 102 accusations of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church
    In less than a week, the independent commission on sexual abuse in the Portuguese Catholic Church has confirmed 102 testimonies of “moments of profound pain and suffering”.


  • Low turnout. Polling station staff invited to get vaccine booster
    Thousands of people are being vaccinated with the vaccine booster because they will be either taking part in polling stations in the elections or are employed by the parish councils.
  • Doctors and mathematicians divided over the peak of the fifth wave
    According to Carlos Antunes, a researcher from the Faculty of Sciences, Portugal may already be at the peak of the fifth wave. However, doctors say it is still too early to draw that conclusion.
  • Higher education vaccination. Fenprof[1] criticises “things done on the spur of the moment”.
    The booster vaccination for staff in higher education is open this weekend at drop-in vaccination centres.
  • World Health Organisation now has a medical definition for “Long Covid”
    Long covid affects 10-30% of infected people of all ages who have recovered from the initial phase of the disease, and have more than two hundred symptoms attributed to the infection. Fatigue, shortness of breath and cognitive dysfunction are noted as the most common, but there are more severe cases associated with long hospital stays.


  • Independent commission confirms 102 allegations of sex abuse in the Portuguese Catholic Church
    The independent commission has collected testimonies of “moments of deep pain and suffering”, adding that most are from “the north and interior of mainland Portugal”.
  • At least four people taken hostage in Texas synagogue
    No injuries have been reported so far. The FBI and state authorities are on the scene. The population has been asked to stay away from the synagogue in Colleyville, Texas
  • How to ‘kill’ the criminal and save the man? Bars don’t make the prison
    How to ‘kill’ the criminal and save the man? This was one of the questions that led a lawyer and journalist to develop a model of prisons without guns or guards in Brazil. And it is one of the questions that, directly or indirectly, are present in the debate and the experiences of humanization of prisons that have emerged in various parts of the world
  • Rio and Sousa Real disagree on everything, but are willing to talk
    In the last head-to-head debate between party leaders Inês Sousa Real attacked and Rui Rio praised. They expressed differences on everything, but are willing to talk to anyone, including each other.


  • In health centres there are still many covid tasks. “Every time we are on one side, we end up fouling up the other”
    The measures created by the government are beginning to bring a little relief, but family doctors are still overburdened with tasks related to the pandemic as they seek to regularise the response to their users in health centres.
  • PAN vs. PSD. A debate for António Costa to take notes
    Inês Sousa Real put her conditions for supporting any Government, be it PSD or PS, on the table. Rui Rio praised her availability but stressed their differences.
  • Issues for the next parliamentary term
    We have chosen eight themes that will shape the next legislature that will begins after the election on 30 January. We questioned the nine leaders of the eight parties and the electoral coalition that elected MPs in the 2019 legislative elections.
  • Time to get serious about regionalisation
    In contrast to what happened in the 1998 referendum campaign, it is important that the discussion on regionalisation is reasoned and without fears of breaking up the country.

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  • Return of fortnightly debates divides PSD and PAN: Rio says they are a “shouting match”, Sousa Real accuses him of “despising democracy”
    The last head-to-head of the elections was between Inês Sousa Real and Rui Rio. The PAN leader made it clear that she is willing to negotiate, but there are fundamental issues on which the parties do not agree.
  • Tracking poll: PS still in the lead, Livre overtakes CDS-PP
    Chega and Left Bloc rise in voting intentions, in contrast to Liberal Initiative.
  • Body language: Costa projects “superiority”, Rio “has to attack him sensitively”
    Daniel Sá, a specialist in political marketing, analysed the two weeks of debates before the start of the electoral campaign and said the candidates took advantage of the visibility to project an image.
  • Portuguese complain of insomnia, excessive tiredness and even changes in menstruation after having Covid-19
    They are no longer infected with the virus, but lack of concentration, excessive tiredness, headaches, insomnia and changes in menstrual cycles are some of the symptoms in patients who have had Covid.

Diário de Notícias

  • The red lines that separate the PSD and PAN begin in the debates
    Rui Rio and Inês Sousa Real held the last televised head-to-head before the official start of the election campaign.
  • From a quiz to choose between Costa and Rio to TikTok: the campaign on social networks
    From a quiz for voters to choose between Rui Rio and António Costa for prime minister, to more comical videos on TikTok, the parties’ social networks are “in full swing” in the run-up to the elections.
  • Costa 14 points ahead of Rio
    António Costa’s (PS) popularity rating is at 70%, while Rui Rio (PSD) sits on 56%, yet either can still win the election. Catarina Martins (BS) is third with 38%.
  • PAN accuses Costa of flattery but postpones commitments until the 30 January
    For Inês Sousa Real, “PAN was the only political force that did not throw in the towel at a critical moment for the country, which was the State budget”.


  • Azeredo Lopes spared because he did not understand what he read
    The former defence minister was saved by judges in the Tancos case due to a controversial legal interpretation of his authority. He is considered to be “a normal average citizen” who did not understand the memos he received with the plan for the illegal operations mounted by PJM.
  • Covid-19 hospital admissions rise on second day in a row with more than three dozen deaths
    More patients are admitted to Portuguese hospitals due to Covid-19. The north registered more new cases in the last 24 hours, but there were more deaths due to the disease in Lisbon and Tagus Valley.
  • PSD vs PAN. From praise for possible agreements to the “red lines” that could cause disagreements
    A possible agreement between the parties is on the table, but there are differences of opinion that could hinder this understanding.
  • Mira Amaral: “The poorest who pay taxes have no money to travel on TAP, or by plane”
    For the economist, the best scenario for Portugal and its economic growth would be to have the PSD win the elections and have a right-wing parliamentary majority. He criticises the left for the logic that advocates “more subsidies and more state support” and believes both the PCP and BE will be punished at the ballot box.

[1] National Teachers Federation

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