Headlines: 15 January 2022


  • Covid-19 death toll rises 25% in a week
    Deaths from Covid-19 increased by 25% in one week and now stand at 25.5 deaths per million inhabitants, which is above the threshold set by the European Centre for Disease Control.
  • Covid-19 risk of death with full vaccination is three to six times lower
    In December, the risk of death among people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 was three to six times lower than those who are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated.
  • Rio will vote against the budget should Costa be re-elected and presents the same document
    The PSD president said that if the PS wins the 30 January elections and António Costa presents the same rejected state Budget for 2022, his party will vote against it.


  • Fatal accident on the A6. Public prosecutor reopens investigation into former minister
    Former Interior Minister Eduardo Cabrita will answer for a fatal hit-and-run accident on the motorway. The public prosecutor has reopened the investigation into the incident with Cabrita facing being charged with the victim’s death.
  • Costa will govern without an absolute majority
    In the debate with Rui Rio, the PS leader said that if he did not win an absolute majority, he could govern with PAN on an “issue-by-issue” basis.
  • Costa-Rio debate. PS says right wing only tells half-truths
    António Costa accused the PSD of telling half-truths about economic growth. Rui Rio, meanwhile, claimed victory in the debate and accused the PS leader of inventing a tale around the middle class because it was in difficulties. PCP and BE watched the debate and said they saw no solutions for the country.
  • BE wants to “de-privatise” and CDS talks of an “overdose of nationalisations”.
    The BE and CDS are at polar opposites when it comes to business. Catarina Martins supports a policy focused on “de-privatisation”, while Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos says BE “will destroy the economy with an overdose of nationalisations”.


  • Pedro Nuno Santos attacks Rui Rio over TAP, claiming “he can never be prime minister”.
    “Finally, Rui Rio owned up and said what he would do if he were the prime minister when TAP needed public aid to survive because of the pandemic. He would let the company go bankrupt and start up a new airline next door,” said Infrastructure Minister Pedro Nuno Santos.
  • BE vs CDS: So far apart that the ball barely got rolling
    The state in the economy, taxes, Portuguese nationality. In a head-to-head without much to say beyond highlighting how much separates them, Catarina Martins and Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos would have been as well not turning up.
  • Catarina vs Chicão*. When a Christian Democrat goes into battle, he loses his morals
    A lukewarm debate right to the end, although there was one moment in the debate when the tension increased.
  • Chega! and PAN: the day Ventura was not Ventura
    The PAN leader asked Ventura not to interrupt her and Ventura complied. From then on, there was a debate of ideas.


  • Absolute majority needs 41% of the vote and a good lead over the second party
    There are many variables, says João António of CESOP: from the gap between the two largest parties to geographical dispersion through to blank and spoiled ballots, everything counts when speaking of an absolute majority.
  • Mass testing? “I don’t know if the effort is worth it”
    Germano de Sousa, former president of the Portuguese Medical Association and director of a network of laboratories bearing his name, says labs are being called to test in schools and that there is limited capacity to respond.
  • ‘Red lines’: positive tests increase and are three times more than recommended
    The proportion of delayed reported cases Covid-19 infection in Portugal continues to rise as the pressure on the health system grows. Covid-19 specific mortality has increased by 25%.
  • Useful vote: PS may benefit from the transfer of votes from BE, CDU and Livre
    Poll shows the bipolarisation strategy of the two major parties is working. PSD also wins, but less so, with the transfer of votes from the CDS.

CNN Portugal

  • Tracking poll: PS ahead without an absolute majority, Chega! is in third place
    Two weeks before the elections a daily poll shows voting intentions and helps identify the issues that the Portuguese care most about.
  • “I’m liberal”, said Costa, but he did not convince Cotrim
    It was one of the most ideological debates of the entire campaign. And it was the debate with the most scenic ending of all.
  • There is a “certain right wing that believes in Father Christmas” and there is a left wing that believes in Francis, “not the Pope but Louçã”
    BE and CDS disagree on everything: the tax burden, the size of the state, privatisations and the need for nationalisation.
  • PAN uses debate with Ventura to impose partnership conditions on the PS… and the PSD
    André Ventura wanted to force PAN to admit “it is an ally of the PS”, but Inês Sousa Real spoke about another possible ally, the PSD.

Diário de Notícias

  • Risk of hospitalisation or death reduced by 25% with Omicron compared to Delta
    Research from South Africa is supported by other published scientific studies that note the greater transmissibility, but lesser severity, of the variant that was first detected in the country in late November.
  • PS-IL debate. Antagonistic solutions except on regionalisation
    Taxes dominated the debate between the leaders of the PS and IL. However, Costa and Cotrim de Figueiredo showed they could get along on the issue of regionalisation.
  • Ventura links PAN to PS and Inês Sousa Real highlights Ventura’s contempt for the environment
    The leader of Chega! accused PAN of being “the 2022 crutch” that could fall on the side of the PS or the PSD. The PAN leader claimed Chega! is a party without any ideas for protecting the environment or the poor.
  • Privatisation, tax and the health service feature in a debate without agreement
    The debate between Catarina Martins of BE and Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos of CDS was marked by a lack of agreement.


  • Portugal records its highest number of Covid deaths since March 2021
    Despite the high number of cases and deaths, the number of patients admitted to Portuguese hospitals due to Covid-19 has not changed in the last 24 hours.
  • Tourism grows but is still below 2019 levels
    In November Portugal recorded 3.6 million overnight stays, which was an improvement on the previous month, but still short of pre-pandemic levels. Tourists brought in €11.6 million.
  • Portugal “is not growing in a satisfactory way. It’s socialist propaganda”
    PS and Liberal Initiative faced each other in a debate in which economic differences were on the table. “It is liberalism that can get the country growing again”, said João Cotrim Figueiredo. António Costa replied that the “most interesting thing about the IL manifesto is its proposed fiscal adventure “.
  • More than 3.6 million people receive booster
    On Thursday nearly 78,000 people received a Covid-19 vaccination booster.

*Chicão is Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, leader of the right-wing Popular Party (CDS-PP – Social Democratic Centre-Popular Party)

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