Headlines: 13 January 2022


  • António Costa and Rui Rio star in today’s only head-to-head debate
    PS secretary-general, António Costa, and PSD president, Rui Rio, will today hold the only head-to-head debate involving the two leaders before the general elections on 30 January, which will be broadcast by the three general television stations.
  • Iniciativa Liberal says reaching an understanding with PSD “won’t be difficult”, but without Chega!
    The president of IL believes a post-election understanding with the PSD “will not be difficult” to achieve and promises to negotiate without fear, but warns Rui Rio he will lose the Liberals if he approaches Chega!
  • João Oliveira rules out succeeding Jerónimo de Sousa as leader of the PCP
    Interim PCP leader João Oliveira dismissed the idea that by temporarily standing in for Jerónimo de Sousa during the election campaign he is staking out a claim to replace him.
  • CDS and Chega! exchange accusations of being soft and of bigotry in a tense debate
    The CDS-PP and Chega! held a tense debate, with the CDS’s Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos calling Chega! Leader André Ventura a “fanatic”, while Ventura responded saying the CDS represent a “sissy right”.


  • And Costa is what unites the PCP and PSD
    Jerónimo missed the debate, but João Oliveira saved the party’s honour. In the debate with Rui Rio it was clear there is “a sea of distance” between the PCP and PSD. “We are not the same thing”, said Oliveira.
  • Chega! vs CDS. When “the king of bluster” and “the sissy right” meet, what’s left is the insult
    While slamming Chega! as “the right-wing cheapskate”, “the weathervane of the political system” or “the caricature of the right that interests the left”, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos of the CDS hears Ventura dismiss his party as “the PSD’s discarded crutch”, with a leader who “has been begging for coalitions with the PSD while the PSD turned its back”, adding that the party’s founders would be “ashamed” of the direction the party is taking.
  • Cotrim vs Tavares: between IL’s “getting it done” and Livre’s “poetry”
    Two leaders who disagree on everything except the need to reform the tax system., and even then the measures they propose could not be more different
  • Poll: PS comfortably ahead, right on the rise, but left maintains majority in Parliament
    With 39.6% of the vote, the PS would win if the election were held today. The figures are from the most recent Pitagórica poll, conducted for TVI and CNN Portugal and released this Wednesday. The poll shows the PS widening the gap from the PSD.


  • Football federation middlemen investigated for crimes
    Sanctions imposed on players’ agents are very rare. All those who have been involved in legal proceedings and who have breached federation regulations have remained registered in 2021-22. Maximum punishment for clubs violating transfer rules is €2,040.
  • Scientists’ contracts cannot be extended to take parental leave. Government promises solution
    2016 law granted Social Security support to researchers for the first time, but did not foresee the impact of the birth of a child on the calendars of the projects they are involved in.
  • CDS leader accuses Rio of “apolitical dilettantism” and wants Portas in the campaign
    Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos rebels against PSD attitude: “Some days Rui Rio is more to the left, other days he wakes up more to the right.”
  • Risk of hospitalisation and death substantially lower with Omicron, says 70,000-person study
    This was one of the largest studies ever carried out on the Omicron variant, with almost 70,000 participants. It concluded people infected with Omicron had half the risk of being hospitalised than those with the Delta variant and that the risk of death was reduced by about 90% with the new variant.

CNN Portugal

  • 64% of Portuguese think the best measure for the economy is to reduce taxes
    What is the best measure for the country’s economy? For 64% of Portuguese, the answer is a reduction in taxes. It’s true the state would receive a smaller slice of taxpayers’ money, but the latter would have more money in their wallets to spend, improving their personal economy. This is the conclusion of a survey on “The State of Opinion” by Aximage for CNN Portugal: when the Portuguese think of economics, they look to their wallets.
  • Costa stretches lead over Rio but no absolute majority, BE ahead of Chega!
    António Costa has asked for an absolute majority but this is still a long way off. Two weeks ahead of the election, on the eve of the start of the electoral campaign, PS continues to lead in voting intentions, but without the margin to achieve the desired absolute majority according to the results of a Pitagórica poll for TVI and CNN Portugal. In other words, on the 30th, everything could stay the same.
  • Voting leaflet: What’s the point of wiping the floor with Ventura if it is all just mud?
    It took someone to come down to the level at which Ventura operates to undo him in a debate. In the midst of insults, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos dismantled Ventura’s hateful rhetoric and tried to rescue the CDS’s Christian Democrat tradition.
  • Rio looks at the PCP and would like to have people like Jerónimo in the PSD, the PCP looks at Rio and would like nothing from the PSD
    After 25 minutes of debate, only one thing truly united João Oliveira and Rui Rio: António Costa. Because they both blame him. Otherwise, there are deep differences of opinion – including over the physical place the PCP occupies in Parliament

Diário de Notícias

  • Two years of pandemic. Fruit, fuel, home works, banking and insurance are much more expensive
    Average inflation for 2021 was only 1.3%, but hides the real effect. Food and energy prices have skyrocketed, but mobile phones and computers are cheaper
  • Costa or Rio, which of the two will have the stronger card?
    The leaders of the PS and PSD will face each other tonight on RTP, SIC and TVI. A potential post-elections alliance, the economic growth model and fiscal policy in particular, will be unavoidable topics ahead of the 30 January election.
  • The “slavery” model and the “poverty” model There is an ocean separating the PSD and PCP
    Rui Rio confronted João Oliveira and accused the PCP of defending the same ideas since 1975. The communist parliamentary leader responded by saying the PSD is not an alternative to the PS.
  • Regionalisation is a “very theoretical” issue and parties must explain it
    The President of the Republic has said the regionalisation process is “a bit theoretical” for the average Portuguese and that the parties wishing to implement it should explain it. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said the head of state can only call for debate and, if necessary, a referendum.


  • Almost 3.5 million people in Portugal receive booster
    Around 3.5 million people have already received the Covid-19 vaccine booster, with more than 83,000 receiving their booster on Tuesday, the Directorate-General of Health (DGS) revealed on Wednesday.
  • Marcelo postpones foreign trips planned for this month
    Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa revealed on Wednesday that he has postponed the trips abroad he had planned for this month. The president was due to travel to Dubai this week as part of Expo 2020, and between 20 and 23 January he was scheduled to travel to Mozambique.
  • João Rendeiro’s formal extradition request has arrived in South Africa
    The formal request for the extradition of João Rendeiro, who is being held in custody in South Africa, has been delivered to the South African authorities. In a statement, the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) said this request, “delivered through diplomatic channels, has been received by the South African authorities”,
  • CDS vs Chega! The fight of the strutting roosters
    The debate between Rodrigues dos Santos and Ventura was not only a debate between Rodrigues dos Santos and Ventura: it was a debate between two right-wing parties – one humanist, the other populist.

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