Headlines: 12 January 2022


  • Almost 200,000 migrants arrived in EU during 2021
    Almost 200,000 illegal migrants arrived in the EU last year, the highest number since 2017, Frontex has announced, adding that the illegal migration flow has returned to pre-pandemic levels.
  • António Costa says BE wants to be protest party, Catarina Martins accuses PS of intransigence
    António Costa accused the BE of causing the current political crisis because it was tired of the “Geringonça” and wanted to be protest party, while BE coordinator, Catarina Martins, accused the PS of intransigence during the last legislature.
  • First day open to complaints collects 50 testimonies of sexual abuse in the church
    On the first day the line receiving complaints of sexual abuse in the Portuguese Catholic Church was open, it received “about 50 accusations”

Diário de Notícias

  • Environment
    Government used €4.5 million to purchase electric bikes but 200 applicants are still waiting
  • Vaccination extended
    Infected must wait until summer before getting booster
  • Election campaign
    Jerónimo’s absence might accelerate change, but will not add to the PCP’s appeal
    From “sweet” to “sour”: PS and BE pass the blame.
  • Gold visas
    Country has lost one-third of property investors since 2019
  • Diplomacy
    NATO and Russia in talks without room for maneouvre
  • Regionalisation
    Portugal is one of the most centralised and least developed countries
  • Portugal 2022
    Gonçalo Soares da Costa: “Escalating house prices are seriously affecting the birthrate”.


  • 2022 Election
    With Jerónimo out, favourites to succeed him jockey for position within the PCP
  • ECB investigates relationship between António Manuel Palma Ramalho and Luís Filipe Vieira at Novo Banco
    Ramalho’s suitability in the hands of the European supervisor
  • Some airlines refusing to pay fines for failing to test Covid-19
    Aviation: 227 flights were audited in December
  • Justice
    Carlos Alexandre loses battle in the Council of Magistrates.
    The judge can appeal, but the ballot for his cases due to his involvement in the BES case will go ahead.
  • Ukraine
    The “moment of truth” for Russia-NATO relations.
    Meeting in Brussels comes two days after reunion between Washington and Moscow
    Ukrainian crisis at the centre of tensions
  • Head teachers warn of lack of mandatory air quality assessment in schools
    Head teachers’ associations say the Ministry of Education is not assessing air quality in schools, which has been a legal requirement since 2020.
    The Ministry rejects the allegation and said the assessments are being partially carried out.
    Adequate classroom ventilation has been a recommendation of the expert group advising the government in the fight against the pandemic

Jornal de Notícias

  • Northern hospitals carry out record number of surgeries in 2021
    Making the most of incentives and the reorganisation of health units allows the resumption of delayed procedures.
    S. João, in Porto, was the hospital that carried out most operations, followed by Braga and Gaia.
  • Hacker who broke into Altice and Benfica servers is sentenced to six years in prison
  • Conference
    Unregionalised Portugal is the most centralised
  • Ponte da Barca
    There have been no births in Germil for two decades
  • World
    Social and climate crises are the greatest threats
  • Urgent operation puts brakes on Jerónimo’s campaign and relaunches the PCP succession debate
  • Early voting will be four times more expensive
    Requests increase and the provision of more polling places increases expenses


  • Portuguese responsible for three-quarters of major works in 2021
    National companies win contracts worth €640 million
    Mota-Engil was the biggest winner
    Infraestruturas de Portugal will carry out works worth more than €1 billion this year
  • Real estate gold visas decline by 31%
  • Key dates for 2022 tax returns
  • Foreign institutes gaining weight in the stock market
  • Insurance
    Fidelidade looking for more international acquisitions
  • Payments
    National crypto “player” wants to take on Visa and Mastercard

Jornal i

  • More Covid-19 patients admitted to hospital for other reasons
    Around 60% of patients admitted to Covid-19 wards in Santa Maria and São João hospitals are initially admitted for other conditions
  • Washington University predicts that with almost 200,000 infections a day, only some of which are detected, Portugal is at peak infection.
  • More people drown during the winter than the summer
    Data from swimming associations show that of the 100-120 people who drowned, most did so outside the bathing season.
    Over the last five years, 13 people were dragged out to sea by waves while walking along the shore.

Correio da Manhã

  • January pensions increased and new withholding tax tables
    Tax exemption raised by €24 euros
    Pensions up to €710 are tax free
    Pensions up to €886.40 increased by 1%
    Pensions over €5318 frozen
  • João Rendeiro case
    Returns to court on 21 January
    Banker has lost weight in prison
    New warrant against Rendeiro for embezzling works of art

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