4 January 2022

The televised debate between PSD leader Rui Rio and André Ventura of right-wing Chega is prominent across all outlets. Most outlets also report on PM Costa’s presentation of his party’s programme for government.

Lusa, RTP and Jornal de Notícias note Rio’s criticism of Ventura’s “unstable” party, as he rejects entering into a coalition with Chega, and Ventura’s claim Rio wants to be “António Costa’s deputy”. RTP and TSF report Rio saying a vote for Ventura will “make it difficult to defeat Costa”, challenging Ventura to choose “between the left and the right”. RTP notes neither leader has closed the door on an agreement between the parties, prompting PS Deputy General Secretary, José Luís Carneiro, to accuse Rio of “exceeding the bounds of constitutional values“ and giving in to populism by negotiating with Ventura, as reported in DN. CNN Portugal says Rio has put the onus on Chega to make a PSD government viable, with the PSD leader warning he is not willing to “go for power at any price”.

Lusa, TSF, Público, DN and CNN Portugal all carry reports on PM Costa’s speech in Lisbon at which he presented his party’s 12-page programme for government. In it he promises to “turn the pandemic page” and form a more compact “task-force” government that will focus on economic recovery, raise the minimum wage to €900 by the end of the legislature and begin the debate “on a four-day working week”.

Jornal de Notícias reports Assistant Secretary of State and Health António Lacerda Sales stating schools will resume on 10 January with 100,000 pupils being immunised and all teachers receiving boosters before then.

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