22 December 2021

All outlets report on the introduction of measures to combat the spread of Covid and the decision to introduce restrictions from 26 December to 10 January. The restrictions will require a negative test before entering a restaurant, casino or New Year party on 24, 25, 30 and 31 December, the closure of bars and nightclubs on Christmas Day, the need to work from home and limits to the number of people allowed in commercial premises at any one time.

Expresso quotes Prime Minister António Costa stating “This is not over: we must continue to be cautious”. RTP reports the reaction of opposition politicians to the new restrictions, with PSD politician and medical doctor Ricardo Baptista Leite claiming the measures are “exaggerated, alarmist and disproportionate”. RTP also carries responses from pulmonologist Raquel Duarte who approves the measures and from infectious disease specialist Silva Graça, who believes some of the measures are too little, too late.

LUSA notes that more than 88,000 people have received Covid and flu jabs, with a further 68,000 receiving their Covid booster over the past 24 hours. LUSA also reports Ricardo Tavares, chairman of the Portuguese Bar and Nightclub Association, saying his members will resist the new Covid restrictions unless the government clarifies the new regulations.

On the TAP bailout approved by the European Commission, CNN Portugal reports that the airline will be allowed to keep 96 aircraft, but that it must sell three companies while government support will be limited to €3.2 billion in return for no further job losses. TSF quotes former TAP chairman Miguel Fraquinho hailing the plan as “positive for the company’s future”.

TSF also reports the disgraced former chairman of the BPP bank, João Rendeiro, who is in jail in South Africa, has 14 days to appeal a Durban court’s decision to refuse to release him on bail.

The Journal i leads with a report on the appointment of Gouveia e Melo as Navy Chief of Staff to replace António Mendes Calado who was dismissed by the Minister of Defence.

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