21 December 2021

All outlets report on today’s meeting of the cabinet to discuss the introduction of a week-long lockdown to begin on 26 December, which could include instructing people to work from home, closing nightclubs and bars on New Year’s Eve and limiting the number of people in bars, restaurants and shopping centres.

Expresso and CNN Portugal report that disgraced former banker, João Rendeiro, who is in prison in South Africa is now out of solitary confinement and, contrary to claims from his lawyers, is not being threatened by other inmates.

Expresso and CNN Portugal note that André Ventura, leader of the far-right Chega party, has praised PSD leader Rui Rio’s “anti-system” conference speech which “touched on points that are important to the right”. RTP notes that Catarina Martins, one of the leaders of the Left Bloc party, dismissed the PSD conference as little more than a beauty contest between them and the PS. Público notes that Ana Paula Martins, the new deputy leader of the PSD, took just two hours to accept the position.

TSF and RTP carry reports in which the Director-General of Health, Graça Freitas, fears the one-week lockdown being discussed by the government “may not be enough” given that “the potential volume of new cases is putting pressure on the system”, while CNN Portugal reports that a former Director-General of Health, André Peralta Santos believes the same mistakes are being made now as were made last year.

DN reports that the hospitality sector is growing increasingly concerned at the increasing numbers of cancellations over the festive season and the prospect of new restrictions being introduced, which Cristina Siza Vieira, executive vice-president of the Portuguese Hotel Association, says are “reversing the recovery”.

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