20 December 21

Most Portuguese news outlets are reporting on a major fire at a hospital in Porto that has left one person dead and four injured. Also widely reported is the news that Rui Rio, leader of the main opposition Social Democratic Party, told the 39th PSD party conference that should they win next January’s election, he will lead a moderate and reformist government rather than one that introduces revolutionary changes to the current government’s legacy. On Covid, all outlets note that almost 89,000 children between the ages of 9 and 11 – one-third of all children in that age group – have been vaccinated.

TSF also reports that Rui Rio told his party conference at the weekend that, should the PSD lose next month’s election, it will work with the PS to ensure the Left Bloc and Communist Party are kept out of power, stating that “We are ready to make the difference”. RTP, meanwhile, reports that PS assistant general secretary José Luís Carneiro has accused Rui Rio of taking the PSD to the extreme right.

Público carries a major investigative report on the coronavirus that discusses how young people generally accept the need to be tested before entering nightclubs and how the night-time economy is managing to cope with the ongoing pandemic. A second report in Público examines the possibility of a Centre Bloc government should no party win a majority in January, with spokespeople from the other parties lamenting the absence of any reformist impetus from the PSD.

DN reports that prime minister António Costa attended a dinner in São Tomé with members of the armed forces at which he praised the work they have done during the pandemic. The Jornal de Notícias carries a lengthy interview with the deputy leader of the PSD, David Justino, in which he insists the party is united behind Rui Rio, despite the public disagreements between leading party figures.

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