11 January 2022

Most outlets report on the latest televised election debates. The news that 19 soldiers, including three officers, have been convicted in the Prova Zero case in which two commando recruits died during basic training in 2016 is prominent, as is the report children are being vaccinated against Covid.

Expresso quotes PM Costa claiming the progress the country has made in the past 15 years “is short of what we would like, which is precisely why I tell you we have to keep moving forward”. Expresso also notes that three days before the debate between PM Costa and PSD leader Rui Rio, the PS leader is slightly ahead in the newspaper’s average ratings. Público and CNN Portugal report on the debate between Rio and João Cotrim Figueiredo (IL) (both pictured above), stating both are heading in the same direction and that while one is in more of a hurry, both are willing to help each other. DN adds Rio saying “we have had so much socialism that agreement between PSD and IL is not difficult”. Público and CNN Portugal report on the debate between Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos of the Popular Party (CDS) and Rui Tavares of left-wing Livre, in which the CDS leader rejected Livre’s manifesto as being “completely contrary and averse to the creation of wealth”. Lusa reports that in the debate between Catarina Martins (BE) and Inês de Sousa Real (PAN), the former warns the latter that a right-wing government will not solve the climate crisis. Público notes Sousa Real responded by accusing BE of “failing the country” by rejecting the budget and of “opening the door to the right”.

Lusa notes the Directorate General of Health (DGS) claim that more than 300,000 children aged five to 11 are being vaccinated against Covid-19. Expresso says the mayor of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas is keen to have this June’s Lisbon Festivities “running at 100%” after two years of cancellations.

RTP and Público carry the ruling in the Prova Zero case against 19 commandos, including a lieutenant colonel and two captains, responsible for the deaths of two recruits in the exercises due to heatstroke in 2016. The families of the two victims, one of whom RTP says was “forced to eat dirt in training”, are calling for a mistrial.

Dinheiro Vivo carries a report from the National Statistics Institute stating the export of Portuguese goods rose by 5.2% in the 11 months from January to November 2021 compared to the same period in 2019. It further states that compared to the year of the pandemic (January to November 2020), the increase in overseas sales by Portuguese companies has soared by 17.6%.

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