10 January 2022

All outlets report on the weekend debates between PM Costa and Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos of the Popular Party (CDS) and between André Ventura of Chega! and João Cotrim de Figueiredo of Liberal Initiative (IL). There are also reports about discussing measures to maximise voter turnout.

RTP reports Interior Minister Francisca Van Dunem will meet parties with parliamentary representation today to discuss measures to ensure the “largest number of people can vote” in the coming election.

CNN Portugal notes that in Sunday’s debate between the PS leader and Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos (CDS), PM Costa would not commit to his 2016 promise to set a date for all Portuguese people to have a family doctor, forcing PM Costa to concede “It is true that our goal has not yet been reached”. However, Lusa claims PM Costa promised that if he is re-elected prime minister there will be incentives to make family doctors a more attractive career.

RTP, Expresso, CNN Portugal and Público note that in the debate between André Ventura of Chega! and João Cotrim de Figueiredo of Iniciativa Liberal (IL) the IL leader accuses Chega! of being “unreliable”, with Ventura responding that IL “only cares about profit”. Público reports on the debate between Rui Tavares of Livre and Inês de Sousa Real of PAN, in which Tavares called on the Left Bloc and Communist Party to commit to an “eco-geringonça”, while CNN Portugal notes the PAN leader stating her party will support any party that is “committed to its causes”.

Lusa notes Communist Party leader Jerónimo de Sousa accusing the right of wanting to hand over “the business of health” to the private sector and criticising the PS for having rejected measures to strengthen the National Health Service as it “focuses on obtaining an absolute majority.

Dinheiro Vivo reports that given the disruption to markets caused by Covid-19, one year on from the UK’s exit from the European Union there is still no real sense of Brexit’s effect on Portuguese businesses.

Negócios notes that Portuguese agri-food exports are up almost 10% in 2021 to €6.8 billion.

An article in Expresso discusses a ministerial order that allows micro and small businesses to pay VAT and taxes in instalments even if they have not recorded a 10% drop in turnover.

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